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Ergonomic and barefoot dance footwear

The Problem

When dancing ballroom, Latin and other social dances, our feet are subject to a lot of pressure within the shoes. While toes normally spread out naturally, like a fan, they are most often pushed into pointy dance shoes. The toes start to adapt to the pointy form of the shoe. The results are foot deformations, bunions, pain and more.

The Solution

We want you to spread out your toes naturally while dancing, even when in dance shoes. That is why we created dance footwear specifically with wide toe boxes which you give you toes the room to spread, while providing support where needed.

What Defines DeaDos Dance Shoes?

Our dance shoes are designed for maximum ergonomic fit and comfort. Fine, breathable and flexible materials provide a superior dance experience. All of our shoes have suede leather soles, for the perfect balance between grip and slide on the dance floor.

Wide Toe Box

All our models have wide toe boxes to give your toes room to spread! This not only prevents foot deformations, but also to take full advantage of your toes for balance and stability.

Suede Leather Sole

All of our shoes have suede leather soles. This sole allows you to pivot without straining your joint and gives you enough grip to not slip on the floor.

Barefoot Sensation

A part of our collection provides zero drop, meaning the heel is on the same level as the rest of the foot. Thin, yet flexible soles provide barefoot sensation, allowing you to build natural foot strength.

Low Heel Models

We provide low-heel models, which support the classical dance posture and alignment of dancers required for professional performance.

Meet Our Shoe Collection!

All our dance shoes have suede leather soles and are mostly unisex.

Barefoot Elegant

Look your best when spending the night at the ball.

Barefoot Classic

The All-Rounder for classes, practice hours and social events.

Barefoot Sneaker

Cool and comfy, these mates will become your best dance friends.

Low-Heel Trainer

Low heels, perfect arch fit and maximum flexibility for the pro.

Why DeaDos Dance Shoes?

Functional Support

Ergonomic fit and support of your feet exactly where it makes sense.

Natural Movements

Move your feet naturally and give your toes freedom.

Superior Comfort

Feel as if you weren't wearing shoes at all.

Healthy Feet

Respecting the biomechanics of your feet, so your strong & healthy feet can continue dancing ever after.